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ook altijd last dat je haren niet meer zitten na het fietsen, tadam hier DE oplossing

Bike rain gear…dry head, mud stripe up back

On a rainy, windy day, Alan Kaufman came up with the Nubrella, which he pitched to the “Shark Tank’’ investors.

so pretty

Though a white lace umbrella would be useless against the rain, it would be lovely to have for photography.

Singing in the rain

This picture was taken with an incredibly fast shutter speed so that it could quickly capture the flying water droplets. The reflection adds so much more of an interesting view to this picture; because it's as if you're seeing it double.

;) Things We Forget written on post-it notes

Things We Forget written on post-it notes

One of my favourite quotes! Learn to dance when the rain is hardest, to sing when the thunder is loudest and to sparkle when the lightning is its brightest!