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Long Chain Drifter Necklace

Long Chain Drifter Necklace. As soon as I cast a hawkish eye upon this Monserat De Lucca by Mafia necklace, I immediately began to compose for it a mental soundtrack of whooping whistles, reverberated guitar, galloping drums, and punctuating gunshots. #gold #modcloth

My Pet Octopus Bracelet

My Pet Octopus Bracelet - Silver, Gold, Casual, Statement, Nautical, Best Seller, Variation, Summer, Print with Animals, Silver, Social Placements, Quirky, Critters

See You Later, Equator Bracelet

See You Later, Equator Bracelet. Whether youre returning from one trip or heading out on another, sporting this silver bangle makes you feel ready for anything! #tan #modcloth

Hazel Cox Arkansas Fan Earrings

Bronze & Silk earrings by Hazel Cox 2.5" wide and 2.5" long Available in 3 colors Made in USA