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Now that's funny .

☆☆☆ "Do we have to know who's gay and who's straight? Can't we just love everybody and judge them by the car they drive? I love Ellen) ღ

My dad loves George Carlin...I wonder if he agrees with this?

RIP George Carlin "Here's all you have to know about men and women. Women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.

i agree with Ellen's Beliefs...But i personally need to work on being  a better daughter in the kindness and helping out department. I can admit sometimes I lose my temper with my mom... She has a tenacity to repeat herself. Like the saying goes she knows how to beat a dead horse..

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I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you's want to be treated and helping those in need. To me those are traditional values. That's what I stand for. I also believe in dance. ~ Ellen DeGeneres I LOVE ELLEN!

FYI for the guys :)

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