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Here are 30 excellent brochure design examples for your inspiration. Includes various types of brochures such as bi-fold, tri-fold, tent, booklet type, etc.

Designer Presents His CV, Portfolio As A Chocolate Bar Packed In A Shiny Mailer – Henry Aquino

TREND number cv to drink or eat. Here, the traditional chocolate packaging cv

Marc-Amaury Legrand

Marc-Amaury Legrand

True Colors, Book Design, Editorial Design, Typo, Mint, Diagram Design, Graphic Design, Peppermint, Editorial Layout

50 (More) Fantastic Printed Brochure Designs

50 (More) Fantastic Printed Brochure Designs – Part II

If you liked the first collection of fantastic printed brochure designs we had earlier, here's another batch, ample proof that there is no shortage of creative

The Designer Republic's A Bunch of Fives features responses to the question "What does five mean to you?", which won the best use of creative paper award at Antalis's annual review.

Antalis Review winners 2013

Bromley design studio Valle Walkley was named the overall winner at paper company Antalis's annual print design awards for its series of books documenting talks at London dance house Sadler's Wells.


Un dépliant aux formes intéressantes! - What catches my eye of this brochure is when it is all folded. The folds and the shape that the brochure makes creates an interesting composition. The colors mesh well and it makes me want to pick it up.

Mansell Construction Services - 2011 Annual Report

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