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Euroflax Linen Lace

Euroflax Linen Lace

This long line linen yarn is made out of flax fiber, which is custom wet spun fo

DIY Heart String Art | Creative DIY Mother's Day Gifts Ideas | Thoughtful Homemade Gifts for Mom. Handmade Ideas from Daughter, Son, Kids, Teens | Unique, Easy, Cheap Do It Yourself Crafts To Make for Mothers Day, complete with tutorials and instructions http://thrillbites.com/diy-mothers-day-gift-ideas

33 Thoughtful DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Making this gift for mothers day. Find a piece of wood and spray paint it red. Get nails and hammer in the pattern shown. Get my white string and attach to the nails like in the picture shown. Hope mom likes it.

Lovely assortment of string.

A palette of brown yarns, string, cord and rope. Bowerbird by Sibella Court Photography Chris Court.

Woman size charts from XS to 5X.  Site also has measuements, for infants, children/youth, men, hat circumference, and foot size. There is  lots of information for knitting and sewing, plus 2 methods of printing chart.  I don't think this in in my knitting books.

Craft Yarn Council Size Charts - lots of sizing charts and info that's yarn-specific

An example of extreme knitting are these miniature works of Indiana-based knitter Althea Crome of Bugknits. She knits these tiny objects with silk sewing threads and uses surgical wires for needles…

Need excellent tips and hints about arts and crafts? Head out to my amazing site!

K1 P1 across on first row of each color...

Ravelry: haraseiram's Baby Blanket :Co 120 on (smallish?) 6 rows garter for border, always at beg and end of row. rows(between border) then 5 rows stockingette- switch color repeat 6 rows, finish with 6 rows garter

I have charted out this pattern and it’s on my blog, along with links to the PDF version which, of course, is a lot easier to print and knit from.

yarnover's Lace and Twist-stitch 'Argyle' pattern

Ravelry: Bryum pattern by Cailliau Berangere

Bryum pattern by Berangere Cailliau

Tulips, A Colorful Cardigan for Baby by Lindsay Pekny $6.00 on Ravelry at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tulips-a-colorful-cardigan-for-baby:

Tulips, A Colorful Cardigan for Baby pattern by Lindsay Pekny