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warming up doodle I am sooo exited I will going to puke oh my godaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Her eyes schuld be grey but shes so gorgeous.(i think i spelled it wrong) RWBY Ruby

dragonsroar: “Rest in peace, Monty Oum. ”

dragonsroar: “Rest in peace, Monty Oum. ”<<<Thank you for everything


Pyrrha Nikos dissolves - has anyone else noticed that her death looks like a combo between ruby's rose petals and a spartans death by forerunner weapons (halo)?<<< looked like leaves, for autumn and stuff.

Haha oh my God, this needs to be an argument between these two!

RWBY: Possibly use this dialogue because it's funny :D, it's a good idea just need to know when to add it

I loved the volume 4 intro but you know...this is the gist of it.

I loved the volume 4 intro but you know.this is the gist of it.<< just what till volume 4 get darker.

rwbyvolume4, RWBY

RWBY<<< Sorry Cinder, what was that? Couldn't hear you over the sound of karma taking it's unholy vengeance upon you.

the story begins. great characters btw

RWBY: Neon Katt & Flynt Coal <----- I didn't know I shipped this til now!