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Can we just take a minute to talk about how freaking GORGEOUS this barn is! This roof configuration is sometimes called Gothic, Gothic-Roof, Arched-Roof, or Rainbow-Roof. - See more at:

Forgotten Barn-when we build our barn I want to paint it using gear oil so it gives it this kind of look

Absolutely gorgeous barn! One of the houses we just looked at had a barn that looked similar, but would be incredible to turn it into this!

The Diversity Of Old Barns and the Stories They Tell - Part 1

Oh my, old barn, you are majestic. Finding you here today takes me back to times forgotten. You must have been a busy barn back in the day. Your size tells me that you once (and maybe still) provided shelter for a large herd. Was it cattle or sheep? I wish that you would invite me in.

Raise the Roof: Part Two

Lovely old rustic barn with a field of wild flowers surrounding it. copyright More