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Umi Uzi and the Halloween monsters | scary songs for kids

Umi Uzi is off running around the neighborhood on Halloween night but she stumbles on something she isn't supposed to find. She has found the cartoon monsters!

Halloween Songs for Preschool Kids - PreKinders

Halloween Songs for Preschool Kids

i remember singing this when i was a kid on halloween. Halloween Songs for Children -- Five Little Pumpkins - Kids Song by The Learning Station

Stirring Our Brew: Learn the actions to this fun children's Halloween song with some amusing animated characters. This blog also contains the lyrics and it's all free! #Halloween   #musicforkids

Halloween Songs for Children -- Stirring Our Brew by The Learning Station - Children will learn the actions to this fun, upbeat Halloween song with our amusing animated characters. I remember this song from first grade in Ms.

The Needs of an Animal   (song for kids about 4 things animals need to survive)

The Needs of an Animal (song for kids about 4 things animals need to survive) Great intro to Living versus non-living using a snowman. Living things eat, breath, and grow. Australian Curriculum -Foundation- things have basic needs, including food & water

ABC Song: The Letter L

ABC Song: The Letter L

ABC Song - Letter L - The Lovely Letter L by StoryBots- my kids love storybots

Song: They Were the Pilgrims Educational Content: General information about the Pilgrims, Wampanoags, and the First Thanksgiving (Leaving England to be free,...

They Were the Pilgrims (song for kids about the First Thanksgiving) - Such a great video! Already used it a lot with my 5 yr olds,, added some motions and they got it!

Great song to teach verbs!  After the song is over, partner students and they take turns asking, How about you?  What can you do and the other responds back, I can _______!

A very useful and funny video to teach action verbs. Fun Action-Verbs Song for Kids: What Can You Do?