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Compelled disclosure is in the air. A federal judge has ordered Glenn Beck to disclose the names of confidential sources he used in his reporting that a Saudi Arabian man was involved in the Boston Marathon bombing. The...

DNA Reveals Far-Off Origins of Ancient 'Gladiators'

At least 10,000 Islamic extremists living within Germany are being supported by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, a shock new report has claimed. The number of fundamentalists swearing allegiance to the Salafi group in Germany is on rise and Gulf countries have been accused of increasing...

Traditional dress of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has directed its diplomats abroad not to wear Saudi national dress in public places or to go out late at night, a leading Saudi daily reported on Friday.

Saudi Man jailed for campaigning against subjugation of women

When Arabia was green: Lush grasslands helped early man make leap out of Africa One of the key lessons that has emerged from the project, with much resonance for our times, is that climate change played the central role in determining the early fate of our species.

She outlined some of the activity she deems suspicious. Others in the media reported early after the bombings that a suspect was in custody but no suspect materialized. Around the same time a Saudi Arabian man who was at the bombing site received burn wounds. The man was questioned for 9 hrs & the FBI created an “event file” about him. Then when authorities went to search his apartment Sec. of State John Kerry met with the Saudi Arabian ambassador behind closed doors.