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QC 52 - The Periodic Elements The 3D models of ALL the elemental nuclei possible are presented. Displaying their exploded (aufbau) nuclei, 3D quantum charge geometries, quantum numbers, energy levels, elemental properties, electron configurations, spectral lines, specific masses and intrinsic kinetic energies; this chapter provides an unheralded view of elemental atomic nuclei.

Tetryonics 50.09 - the exact molar rest mass-energies of Elements can be found using quadratic equations that model the Planck energy contributions of Baryons, electrons and spectral energies of any element as described in Tetryonic theory

Tetryonics 53.104 - Rutherfordium - is a synthetic element (an element that can be created in a laboratory but is not found in nature). Rutherfordium is the first trans-actinide element and the second member of the 6d series of transition metals.

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Tetryonics 54.01 - Chemical element bonds [from equilateral euclidean fields of force to Material bonds - Chemistry made easy]

QC 44 - Periodic Elements Covering Atomic Shells, orbital sizes a definitive model of atomic nuclei shell structure is developed. An exploded model of the elemental atomic nuclei is revealed for the first time to provide a basis for the aufbau process.