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Using Logs to make your Water Feature Pop!#/887156/using-logs-to-make-your-water-feature-pop?&_suid=136250161831205627246610534405

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Using small logs, large sticks and downed branches help give your water feature a more natural look. Find pieces native to your area and lay them across your st…

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The sound of running water is soothing and can add tranquility to any landscape. You can either pair a landscape waterfall with a pond or create one without a pond. These instructions describe how to design and build a waterfall without a pond.

Add whimsical elements like an imp in the crook of a tree, or a nest of plastic dinosaur eggs. Click for more inspirations! http://www.midwestliving.com/garden/ideas/garden-art-anyone-can-create/page/7/0

Garden Art Anyone Can Create

Create instant interest in your yard with garden art made from recycled or inexpensive materials-statue in the tree fork and the nest on the ground.

Pondless Water Features | Contemporary Home pondless waterfall Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel ...

Houston landscaper specializing in landscape design with patio covers, masonry work, and water features for Katy and West Houston, TX.

Directions for Installing a Pondless Waterfall Without Buying an Expensive Kit:

Directions for Installing a Pondless Waterfall Without Buying an Expensive Kit

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Pond plants can dramatically change the way ponds look and function. Discover which one's may work best for your pond.

LOVE this planter bench idea for gardening!

DIY planter made with branches A few tree branches, scraps of cedar boards, one husband & a Sunday afternoon . put them all together and a few hours later I have a new planter bench. When I get plants in it and set out in the backyard, Ill post

The sound of a waterfall cascading down onto rocks is subtly different than into a pool, but nonetheless creates a zen atmosphere. Watching water constantly move over rocks is almost hypnotizing.

50 Pictures of Backyard Garden Waterfalls (Ideas & Designs)

Easy do-it-yourself instructions will help you build a pondless waterfall for your backyard landscaping design. Instead of the fuss of a large pond, consider making a waterfall.

Pondmaster DIY Pondless 700 Waterfall Kit-water feature

Pondmaster DIY Pondless 700 Waterfall Kit-water feature-pond-backyard-landscape

Introducing a water feature into an outdoor space is a great way to enhance the ambience of a yard or garden. Pondless water features have a lot of appeal, since they eliminate stagnating water and incorporate.

Penny Ball Garden Part 3: The balls are put on very cool posts.

Almost anti-climatic, but the penny ball garden is finished for now. I planted the shrubs, perennials, and grasses, and now have to wait until spring to see if it will look as I have imagined.

DIY:  Birdhouse Fence made from left over fence, plywood and dowelling.

Make birdhouses for Garden (20 Ideas

Cute DIY kids’ fence: This quirky faux-birdhouse fence is the perfect backdrop to a kids’ garden. Might make for a dog fence.