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If youre going to catch a disease it might as well be transmitted sexually. Or at least thats one way of looking at it. Granted your genitals may feel a little

24 Stuffed Toys To Buy The Weirdest Person You Know

How many miles I would run to punch Justin Bieber in the face | Seann Walsh | Mock the Week

mock the week - one of my all time fave TV programmes.

You're not lazy

boggletheowl: “ Thanks for bearing with me while I was sick, you guys! I’ll post an additional Long Letter sometime this week to make up for the one I missed on Friday.

My job as a professional sick person. Don't forget constantly studying medicine, and researching and trying out possible treatments!

Life with severe chronic intractable pain.


24 Stuffed Toys To Buy The Weirdest Person You Know

24 Stuffed Toys For Your Totally Weird Significant Other


Jumpsuit: funny stuffed animal home accessory bear sleeping bag cute suit blanket bedding pajamas

Funny test answers - The Meta Picture

Funny test answers

Funny pictures about Funny test answers. Oh, and cool pics about Funny test answers. Also, Funny test answers photos.

WWII if FB had existed… some DARK humor, but hey, helpful for studying European History!

Perfect history lesson: this is literally the best thing I've ever seen! If it weren't for some of the language, this would be a great way to engage middle & high school students in WWII.


Guess Trump wants to deport Dora too !

when animals attack!! haha

Enjoy nature they said. It'll be fun they said. mother nature got it in good for us