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Thor Ice Scraper

Over at Quirky, the Snowdozer, a collapsable, double-bladed snow scraper, currently has 145 of the 1200 preorders it needs to go into production. Is there any conceivable cause more important for you to get behind this morning?


Interesting Gifts and Pixel Oven Mitts at Perpetual Kid. We know some brothers who couldve used these Pixel Oven Mitts when swinging mallets, jumping over barre

Fancy - True Utility KeyTool

Freeshipping EDC true utility key tool Multifunctio Outdoor Survival hanging buckle key chains stainless steel 8 in 1 ring

Designer dream team Pu Tai, Ayda Anlagan & Paul Blease have reinvented the Post-it, and introduce the “Pock-it”.

150 Ft. Slinging Snowball Hurler $25    Imagine the epic long-range snowballs fights that could be had with these. Oh, the glory...

Slinging Snowball Hurler - The Awesomer

This might even make me go back on the rule that Seattleites don't use umbrellas. Plus it's called a drumbrella....*squeeee

Rain Drum - Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features various kinds of sound, making the most interesting amusement for user during rainy days. The Rain Drum umbrella is an idea of the designer Dong Min Park.

One of my images printed on Canvas and stapled to the back of a vintage window and hung above a bed in FOUND last year.

Old Window Frames Are Upgradable : Using Old Window Frames For Pictures. Using old window frames for pictures. old window frames art,old window frames decorated,old window frames diy,old window frames ideas

No More Leaving Home Drunk !  I know quite a few folks who should have one of these on the other side of their door to give them time to sober up before they get in.

The Defendius Door Chain from Art. Lebedev Studio is an “a-maze-in” door lock that will deter even the most cunning of burglars. I think it would also deter me from ever leaving or letting anyone visit lol