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Oregon fall

Oregon fall

Mt. Washington, Oregon.

Mount Washington is a deeply eroded shield volcano in the Cascade Range of Oregon. The mountain dates to the Late Pleistocene. The main peak is a volcanic plug that was heavily eroded by glaciers in the last ice age.

Amazing Places in US: The Magnificent Multnomah Falls, Oregon    @Kayleigh Miller- Can't wait to see sights like this when we visit!

Oregon is an amazing place to visit in the autumn, as the leaves turn brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. This photo of the famous bridge across Multnomah Falls shows how beautiful Oregon can be in the autumn.

Latourell Falls, Oregon - Absolutely stunning. Ive always awaited to swim in water from a waterfall. <3

Ive always awaited to swim in water from a waterfall.

cody, wy | Wyoming-Landscape - ranch, Cody Wyoming

A beautiful picture of the place I love -- cody, wy

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Windows and doors . The door - the border. Behind the door - another room, another space. The window - looked and forgotten .


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one of the most things i find beautiful is nature.I find nature beautiful because of its surroundings,such as the flowers,trees, air,and land. I also love the smell of nature. The color makes it magneficent! Its a beautiful thing to explore!