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Music on print by swedishsounddesign

printed sound sculpture by Lucasz Karluck. by aspire_eyewear

Kinetic Sculpture by David C. Roy - David Roy's Blog | Wood That Works

A Kickstarter Project for those who love Kinetic Sculpture!

Speedy PVC Pipe Sculptures by Korean artist Kang Duck-Bong are made by adhering myriad cuts of PVC pipe and covering them in a thick shellac of urethane paint.


Louis Vuitton window displays, Budapest- I love this. Recreate as fireworks for NYE & place mannequin head in the middle rather than purse!

purple canvas abstract | Abstract Canvas Art Painting 36x24 Original Purple & Blue Modern ...

Abstract Canvas Art Painting Original Purple & Blue Modern Contemporary Paintings by Destiny Womack - dWo - Made to Order

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Rainbow Church by Tokujin Yoshioka Tokujin Yoshioka'a Rainbow Church, 26 ft high installation made of 500 crystal prisms.

'A Colloidal Body' (2010) by South Korean sculptor Byoungho Kim (b.1974). Aluminum, arduino, piezo  277 x 277 x 90 cm. via Azure Bumble

Byoungho Kim : Sound Sculptures

A Colloidal Body - Byoungho Kim, 2010

Byoungho Kim : Sound Sculptures

Byoungho Kim : Sound Sculptures

Sound Sculpture by Byoungho Kim - Three Hundred Silent Pollens, 2009 (aluminum…

British artist Chris Wood creates gorgeous sculptures out of dichroic glass, an iridescent glass that varies between reflective and translucent depending on the angle of viewing and angle of illumi...

Gorgeous Glass and Light Sculptures Created With Iridescent Dichroic Glass

Cambridgeshire-based artist Chris Wood creates sparkling installations with pieces of colored glass and light reflections. The glass she uses in these glittering installations is dichroic, meaning that it has an optical coating with two colors.

OH! Look at this incredible outdoor photo install. It's called 'Lighting, Layers and Reflections' by Autumn de Wilde and it's perfect.

autumn de wilde (The Jealous Curator)

Installation by photographer Autumn de Wilde titled "Lighting, Layers Reflections" Can we use for ecolodges?

Cylinder grew out of a desire to create truly complex objects which hint at the overwhelming detail present in nature. by Andy Huntington

Imaging being able to watch 3 dimensional sounds. This abstract thought is now attempted. With ‘Cylinder’, a series of sculptures, Andy Huntington and Drew Allan are instantiating sounds via sound data analysis and printing.

"Brazilian Mango, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Abbey Ryan

Paintings by Philadelphia-based artist, Abbey Ryan.

another chemically induced self-initiated project  all visuals completed in 3DS Max (utilising some seriously intense PFlow scripting for the sound-reactive 3D plexus), Realflow (for the liquid sims of the first part) and After Effects / Trapcode Suite to boot, as per usual ...  the soundtrack was recorded on Ableton Live and all the harmonic parts (including all basslines, glitch fx and some percussive sounds) were designed and performed on the PPG Wave synthesizer. all drum sounds courte…

all visuals completed in Max (utilising some seriously intense PFlow scripting for the sound-reactive plexus), Realflow (for the liqu.

Gabriel Orozco

gabriel orozco: natural motion at the kunsthaus bregenz la DS cornaline, 2013

Acutonics® Sound Healing Education, Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks, Harmonic Attunement®

System of vibrational sound healing rooted in Oriental Medicine that utilizes tuning forks vibrations to stimulate acu-points to balance body, mind, and spirit.

RMD Blog: Gravity Some analogue experiments with gravity by Austrian motion designer Clemens Wirth. Watch it full screen and full volume. It’s kind of hypnotic and sure to delight.

Analogue experiments with gravity (practical effects, no cg). Big thanks to Radium Audio for this brilliant music & sound design!

‘Relics’, an audiovisual installation by Merchants + Sons. The piece explores the female form being consumed by an unknown.

Relics on Vimeo