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Senior Picture done right.  Haha.  Wow.  And I actually remember being in high school and thinking some of these poses were super cool!  :)

Senior Picture Wins

Funny pictures about Senior Picture Wins. Oh, and cool pics about Senior Picture Wins. Also, Senior Picture Wins photos.

FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!  Post-it notes from a stay at home dad:   “Woke up at 3 am to find kid crying and covered in vomit.  Had to clean him, clothes and bed.  And they said I wouldn’t learn anything being in a fraternity.”

Funny pictures about Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad. Oh, and cool pics about Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad. Also, Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad.

me and my siblings, that's how we smile, so that's why we  don't smile in pictures or we look like we are in pain.

Funny pictures about Say cheese! Ok maybe not. Oh, and cool pics about Say cheese! Ok maybe not. Also, Say cheese! Ok maybe not.

golden girls sophia petrillo costume!  haha

This little lady is Sophia from the Golden Girls. We had no recollection of the Golden Girls when we named our baby Sophia but this is a great Halloween costume

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I personally haven't shaved my legs in six months. Just could not care less! "Should you Shave your Legs?": A Flowchart This basically describes what every girl goes through

there is a whole calendar out there somewhere. I thought about buying it because it makes me giggle.

How Often Do You See A Guy Doing A Car Commercial?: How often do you see a guy doing a car commercial? yep that's what I thought GIRLS always win they can c

I mean, Earl Grey might work, but British people don’t seem to age anyway...anyone seen Thomas Brodie-Sangster?

How certain substances affect the aging process - I think I'll stick with Earl Grey Tea and Money!

dustep, drum and bass, edm, trance, electro = LIFE lmao simple how to!

potassium @Mary Castrejon and @Susie Hughes...I can see you both doing this...Because you both are NERDS!hehehe LOve ya

Hey Tim wanna come over Potassium. Potassium is 'K' on the periodic table. Nerd, I don't want you to come over anymore.

Girls and Guns. Gotta say thanks to MY dad for pullin' a gun on a boy.... LOL

Check out the Guns Don't Kill People, Dads With Pretty Daughters Kill People T-shirt from Roadkill T-shirts. Being a dad means protecting your young!


Priorities First - Take a picture and Save your child from being eaten by camel.Tags: funny images, lol happens, funny troll pics, priorities first, child eaten by camel.