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Ever seen Jiro dreams of sushi? Today's infographic is kind of a refresher on the amount of training needed to become a real sushi chef, or Itamae-San. It'll also cover sushi etiquette and traditional aspects of the sushi culture.

Mastering The Art Of Sushi [Infographic

Food as Art: The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi. Did you know that you should eat sushi fish-down, NOT rice-down? Or that you should only mix wasabi with soy sauce for certain types of sushi? Check out this for all things sushi.

Japan travel tips for your two week trip! These Japan destinations are seriously amazing. Includes a map!

A super efficient 2-week itinerary for Japan

This ambitious (and effective) two-week itinerary for Japan is perfect for cherry blossom season, and mixes classic experiences with off-beat adventures!

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Hiroyuki Watanabe

Hiroyuki Watanabe