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"Field Mustard" by Robert Buelteman Chromogenic Development print done without a camera ~ revealing the life force in plants. There isn't another artist who does this! See more at: www.sharondellamonicafineart.com

the work is a series of electrocuted flower photographs that are each created without a camera or computer manipulation - but through a re-appropriated method of photography known as kirlian - and volts.

Robert Buelteman’s Electrifying Images of Electrocuted Flowers  - Kirlian-photography-4

"These extraordinary images reveal what happens when electrical surges pass through a metal board with a simple plant on top. Photographer Robert Buelteman sends volts through his flowery subjects and then literally paints photographs of the outcome.

Multi Colored Rolled Paper Wall Art - Quilled paper art, Wall Decor, Paper Art on Etsy,

Kirilian Photography (Aural photography)

San Francisco Bay Area Directory of Healers.

Thea Schrack

Tempo Rushing By I di Thea Schrack---------------------fondo colorato e foto riportata------------

Each one of these unusual flower “photographs” had to be taken up to 150 times to get it just right. After choosing the right flowers, Robert had to make each part of the flower itself almost transparent with a scalpel by slowly slicing away at it. Then with a complex process which involves a diffusion screen, sheet metal, Plexiglas and some liquid silicone, he zaps them with an electric pulse.  Electrocuted Flowers by Robert Buelteman

Electrocuted Flowers: Unusual Flower Pics Created Without A Camera

Artist Zaps Flowers To Create Glowing Images -- Without a Camera : TreeHugger

Hiroshi Matsumoto - Abstract Oil Painting & Cats

2012 - Original Abstract Oil Painting - painting x 9 cm - app. 4 x 4 inch) with 8 x 10 inch mat

raw cacao kirlian photography Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges

Kirlian photographs reveal unique insights into unseen energy fields

"Angelo" 60" x 60" by Chris Hayman

"Angelo" x by Chris Hayman