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I have never questioned the fucked up shit you've done so no I don't owe anyone an explanation for my life choices.we all human living this crazy beautiful thing called life;

And being wild doesn't mean going out to parties. It means taking chances. And experiencing life.

If you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old.

So true ☺☺

Disorders are extreme, constant abnormalities. Don't say "Im so OCD about this one thing; Im so depressed right now; I am so ADHD when i dont get enough sleep." Mental disorders should not be thrown around.

Quotes Motivation

I so would love to make this into a shirt and wear for a few people who think they are SO GREAT!! The people who have to hide what they work on to make themselves look better!

Don't like me? Have a seat with the rest of the bitches waiting for me to give a fuck.and please don't assume that the word bitches is referring to women only.

Embrace Reality

change hurts, being comfortable is a band aid, going through the motions is suffocating. Embrace reality even if it burns you.

Sexy..... except for the smoking....not so into that....love the long neck and hair and attitude:)

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