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Cucciolo di pipistrello

Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre director Trish Wimberley and her carers have helped save 130 orphaned bats on the Gold Coast in past weeks.

This is just gross!  I used to have "unwanted" bats in my flower shop.  I would sit on the curb until one of neighbors would remove them.  ICKY!

"Flying fox" Pteropus are the largest bats in the world. Fruit Bats or Flying Foxes. Australia looks like a very interesting place to visit; so many odd things are down there.>>>>>>>>Talk about a mega-bat!

Does He Sleep With a Day Dark?

What Does A Bat Wing Feel Like? Touch your eyelid and this is how a bat wing feels like. What Does Bat's Fur Feel Like? The fur is very soft like a.

baby bat (this is the cutest thing i've ever seen in my entire damn life)

baby bat (this is the cutest thing i've ever seen in my entire dang life)


mayramunster: “ britnymillz: “ “ ragazzzo: bat thanks friend for bringing him bananas ” this made me so happy.


I Waste So Much Time

Golden retriever born without eyes brings joy to humans with disabilities

Carbon Thrust

I know it is not a cat or a dog - possibly a fruit bat. such a sweet face