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Letterbox Draught Excluder | Letterbox Brush Stops heat loss from your home through the door and cold draughts from entering.

Top tips on how to draught proof your home this winter and reduce your energy bill.

Seaweed Fertiliser | Seagrow Irish made natural organic powdered seaweed fertiliser, soil conditioner and tonic which is ideal for using on vegetables or plants in the home, garden or in the allotment.

Internal Letterbox Flap | Letterbox Flap Draught Excluder Gold plated internal letterbox flap with built in brush. Prevents draughts, retain heat and lower energy bills. Exitex Irish made product. #buyirishonline

The Sunjar is a cute feature for your home or garden. Powered by natural daylight you simply leave the Sun Jar outside or on a window that gathers plenty of light during the daytime.

Use your home and garden waste to create long lasting fire burning logs. Unlike other logmakers you do not have to wet the paper and wait for weeks for it to dry. Instead you can create and burn instantly.

Prevent the battery on your car, caravan or motor home from going flat with this solar battery charger

Water Butt Filter Collector | Rainwater Divertor Water butt filter collector not only fits the vast majority of downpipes on your home but also removes leaves from the water that you collect and ensures no sludge ends up in your water butt.

This silicon door seal from Ecosavers is 1 meter in length and 35mm in width. Cut to size, easy adhesive stick on. Comes in neutral grey colour.