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We find rest and healing when we let go of the demand for personal growth and, instead, trust that this growth flows through us, and holds us in its hands.

When we strong arm our way into healing, we can break our own hearts. Instead, consider a path of mercy, a way of healing that honors our human tenderness.

Food compulsions - sugar addiction, overeating, emotional binges, and more - do not have to be lifetime diseases to manage. Healing can be yours. Watch...

SO GOOD!! At the root of every eating disorder is loss. To heal the root of an eating disorder, this loss needs to be acknowledged, grieved, and released.

We all have sadness buried in us, and it’s impossible to get rid of it all. It’s okay to be sad, just don’t be burdened every day by holding on to all your sorrows. It’ll feel weird and scary letting go, but it’ll be good. Honestly. ^^

The path to healing an eating disorder is not to know better or do better, but to feel: to face the original loss, to feel the original pain, and grieve.

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