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Delicate Binding  by *AureliusCat

Delicate Binding by *AureliusCat

Benoit Mandelbrot was largely responsible for the present interest in Fractal Geometry. He showed how Fractals can occur in many different places in both Mathematics and elsewhere in Nature.

this is a piece of mathematical fractal-art called FracTangle. See the explanation of the M-Set below to understand where it comes from

Intertwining  by *AureliusCat

Intertwining by *AureliusCat

Green Flowers   Fractal Art by Vicky Brago-Mitchell    Fractal illusion of green and purple blossoms and clusters of flowers.

Green Flowers Wallpaper - Fractal Wallpaper Art Gallery, Fractals by Vicky

[oK...I am now officially addicted to fractals...stop!]   . n- Gallery : Mandelbrot tribute 2

I am now officially addicted to fractals. n- Gallery : Mandelbrot tribute 2

Fractal Beauty 2. mranganath

Fractal Beauty 2 by mranganath

A16-11-23-3 by beautifulchaos1                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The day I made this we had a horrific tragedy in the small community where I live. It has weighted heavy on all of us.

Gossamer  - Fractals by Vicky

Gossamer wallpaper - gallery of fractal art, free desktop wallpaper from images by fractal artist Vicky Brago-Mitchell.

OPAL TREASURE by 1arcticfox on DeviantArt

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