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Ann Veronica Janssens #Perception CLLC. color, spectrum, fog, gradient, installation, #art, cube #installation

Artist Ann Veronica Janssens


What Color Is Your Personality?

spectrum of colors / prism Many people anticipating the creation of an invisibility cloak might be surprised to learn that a group of American researchers has created individual cloaks.

How Nanoscale Optics Create Nature's Most Dazzling Colors

How Nanoscale Optics Create Nature's Most Dazzling Colors

The Light always contained the full spectrum. Dispersive Prism Illustration by Spigget.

Wasteland "Gypsy Underground" LookBook | The Cool Hour | Find, Discover, & Shop Women's Fashion & Clothing

Wasteland "Gypsy Underground" LookBook

Designers love colour! The RGB spectrum we work with on our digital computers gives us the widest possible range of colour to work with, much wider than the range of hues that can be replicated in CMYK inks, but that’s not to say there aren’t some ultra bright print projects out there to admire. In …

Showcase of Creative Designs Made with Vibrant Gradients

—Personal project & experienceSexual orgams inspired by A—TWork in progress.