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Everyone had one of these, with some sort of saying on it! LOL

Remember these figures? I remember being at the hospital gift shop and seeing these for sale.

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!...I always wanted to become Mrs. Leslie McKeown! I even made pants just like theirs.

Press Fail: Bay City Rollers at White House Easter Egg Hunt Looks Like a Big April Fools Day Joke

Old School Dustbuster...my mom had one & my brother had the mini toy version. Hahaha.

My mom's EXACT Dustbuster! She would walk around the house & draw this like a pistol. We always kidded her, telling her we were going to bury her with it. Unfortunately, the Dustbuster died first!

Creepy now but loved it then!

My buddy, my buddy! My buddy and me! MY BUDDY! Then they came out with Kid Sister cuz the girls were hatin like mad that we had a BOY ONLY toy.

The Wonderful World of Disney - TV Show

The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights. --- We ALL looked forward to Sunday evening (every family w/a t. watched the same movie on Sunday, it seemed) ---

Saturday Night Fever!  ... loved the movie & had the album.  I really did have the fever.  I remember when a friend and I taught our 7th Grade 'Folk Dance' class (at a Catholic school) the Hustle!

THIS DAY IN MUSIC… The soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever started an 18 week run at on the UK album chart, also in the US. The album, which features seven Bee Gee songs, went on to.