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Brett McLean and Caleb Justice

Moments That Span Into Eternity…

Tomorrow is National Adoption Day! You can actually help. Tommy Nelson writer Meghan Tucker lists some great ways  http://www.faithgateway.com/you-can-help-national-adoption-day/#.Uo-_W2RDuII

Wondering how you can help on National Adoption Day? Tommy Nelson Mommy Meghan Tucker has great ideas for your entire family!

understand time.  All of these things are happening right now.

22 Mind Blowing Facts Will DESTROY Your Understanding Of Time!

If that’s not enough, this is what’s happening in the world at this very moment. This brilliant comic by artist XKCD is called Frequency. It’s one thing to talk about time.

"It’s when you’re social enough to get invited to things, but so often find yourself standing in a room where it feels like no one knows you."

What It's Like to Have 'High-Functioning' Anxiety

The Mighty's mental health editor Sarah Schuster writes what it feels like to have "high-functioning" anxiety, the kind you keep hidden as you go through the busyness of life.

How to host a "crappy dinner" - see your friends more often even after all of you have kids and messy houses.

Time to throw a crappy dinner party. No frills, all friends - its an amazing way to reconnect with friends without worrying about judgy house guests.

The oldest living person’s birth is closer to the signing of the Constitution than present day.

Misao Okawa wads born in an astonishing 116 years ago. The constitution was signed in which makes her life 4 years closer to the historic Philadelphia convention than to today.

The Real History of the Crusades

The Real History of the Crusades.A series of Holy Wars against Islam led by power-mad Popes and fought by religious fanatics? The real history of the Crusades is quite the opposite.

Here's a warning from the "Veggie Tales" creator who confesses that his shows have been teaching kids how to be "Christianly" without Christianity. 

Raising Moral Pagans Here's a warning from Veggie Tales creator who confesses that his shows have been teaching kids how to be "Christianly" without Christianity.