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This thirtysomething finally figured out Snapchat

Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t understand Snapchat. That’s odd, because I generally like to think of myself as ... Read More

US Navy's solar drone flies from and lands on water

Unlike most quadcopters, the Aqua-Quad doesn't take off from solid ground. Dr. Kevin Jones and his team from the Naval Postgraduate School developed it to fly s...

Researchers could help cops tap into public surveillance cameras

Totally Covert Ipod Dock Clock Radio. No Pinhole Camera Hidden Behind Display. Amazing Full High Definition Video. Motion Activated-up to SD card support - User Selectable Video Resolution- fps), fps), or Files Recorded in

SpaceX to launch ocean-monitoring NASA satellite in 2021

SpaceX Launches Satellites, Narrowly Misses Rocket Landing at Sea. Landing a rocket on a ship at sea seems like something out of a sci-fi novel, but SpaceX is making it look routine.

Meet the wearable tablet you might use at your next job

You will not wear the Rufus Cuff wrist computer after strapping inch Android tablet to your body. Your wrist will start performing sweaty functions, but it would be bulky and uncomfortable. It has been considered new technology for next generation.

The Sulon Q has insane mixed reality ambitions

Sulon Technologies unveiled the Sulon Q, which it claims is the world's first tether-free all-in-one headset that combines AR, VR and spatial computing in a single device

Six gadgets that let you cook with sunlight

Barbecue season has begun in the United States, and folks are dusting off their charcoal and propane grills for the first time in months to welcome the warmer w...

This Olympics photo was brought to you by a robot

At every major swimming event, the competitors aren’t the only ones in the pool. In order to bring you footage from the various races, cameras from various news and photo agencies litter the bottom of...

Epson and DJI team up for POV drone goggles

Phantom owners will soon be able to pilot their drones with a fresh perspective – that of the UAV itself. DJI and Epson announced on Thursday that they are teaming up. Together, they’ll expand DJI’s...

SoundCloud inks deal with Sony Music as streaming service looms

Back in January, SoundCloud and Universal Music Group came to terms on a licensing deal and now the popular music site has inked another agreement. SoundCloud a...