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Maturity is Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten your peace of mind, selfrespect, values, morals or self worth. — Unknown Author

Your complete go-to list when you need help finding a self-care practice to…

@Lalaaonapin | Making time for yourself is important.

Week 3 Day 1. Gotta say, I didn't feel like running today. I decided that when I'm feeling low, it's the perfect time to run.

self respect -- Set Goals, Exercise., Love Yourself, Focus on fitness, ..... Rest & Relax, Eat Right, Smile, Portray positive, Care for Others, Tell yourself you can do this.

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A Therapist's Prescription for Better Mental Health - Sharon Martin Counseling & Personal Growth #mentalhealth #happiness www.ourmindandbod...

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