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Force and Motion Interactive Notebook Pages

Force and Motion Interactive Notebook (INB) Templates - Average Speed and Acceleration.

Science Interactive Notebooks Bundle - Includes all 8 of my Best-Selling INB's

Hundreds of templates for science interactive notebooks. Student science journals come to life with these activities. Topics include Earth science, Life science, Weather, Chemistry, Energy, Space, and Physical Science. This product is packed with amazing resources for your science class.

Plants Life Cycle Bundle for Spring or Summer School Activities & Games

PLANTS BUNDLE AND SAVE!!! In this bundle, you will find 10 plants resources for your classroom, including interactive notebook activities, puzzles, games, task cards, writing paper and more! This bundle is being offered for over 20% off than if purchased individually!

Teaching Students to do Quality Work in Science Notebooks

NGSS 4-PS4-1 4th Grade Waves Unit

This is a mini-unit designed to support NGSS 4-PS4-1 from the unit Waves and Information. In the unit you will find:1. What are waves?2. Properties of Waves Introduction3. Vocabulary List4. Amplitude5. Frequency6. Crest, Trough, Wavelength7. Medium8. Interactive Notebook Vocabulary Organizer9.