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The mild-mannered ‘Baby Beluga’ singer has been weighing in on the current federal election campaign, tweeting up a storm and recording a number of campaign-related sing-songy videos

The voting age in Canada was lowered from 21 to 18 in 1970. This changed Canadians lives as it allowed a wider range of voters and a more accurate representation of Canadian opens.

Our Country, Our Parliament. Full interactive teaching tools for Canada's government system. Has activities, videos, games, and more. Excellent resource.

DOJ ordered to release list of Fast & Furious documents Obama protected with executive privilege | Human Events

The Canadian Parliament includes the Sovereign, Senate, and House of Commons. The Canadian Judiciary system consists of the supreme court, Federal court, and Provincial courts.

NDP Pamphlet: The pamphlet also contains a snapshot of what is currently happening with Canadian politics. For a voter who is not up to date with the current agenda, the pamphlet does an excellent job highlighting what they need to know. A simple bar chart on the second page demonstrates the current situation, and how it can be addressed by a potential voter. #Orangecrush #Cheers #elxn42