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Husky sleeping at red flower field. Photo by: Peter PrzybilleThe Amazing World Of Dogs In Photography

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Ontario-based graphic designer Amy Hamilton has created a beautiful series of animal illustrations. Taking her inspiration from nature, she.

There's something about black wolves that I can't explain. Such beautiful creatures.

* * " Check it out...yoo don'ts haz a choice; yer surrounded, so drop de rifle."

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

This is my wolf, Nile. She's is a gift from Artemis when I was born she(Nile) was there. I can't live without her, literally, here is some connection between me and her. I have tried leaving her, but every time I do, I have trouble breathing.

Wolf Art Print by Julie Hoddinott. My favorite creature in the animal kingdom

look at those eyes!!! we must not kill the relatives of our most devoted & faithful of friends!!! we must protect them & their rights ~ they were here loooong before we were!!!

Dogs need meat more then humans . Giving then carbs from packaged dog food is not in your dogs best interest. All dogs are from the wolf. Dogs need protein and meat. Human grade meat not processed scapes

Just look at that beauty of the wolf!

Acts like a husky but looks like and is as big as a wolf! Best dogs Ever! This will be my dog one day!

Throw me to the wolves...

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