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The Evangelical chapel, Castiñeiras (NW Spain) #focalshelf #godlyplay

The Evangelical chapel, Castiñeiras (NW Spain)

What intrigues me here is in the background - look at what they've used for the Focal Shelf!

Next Gen Godly Play Report

Godly play. I love this because it lets children discover faith on their own. No agenda pushing, just wondering and mystery.

Godly Play Isn’t Just for Children

Focal Shelf in theTrinity Episcopal Cathedral Godly Play Room, Portland, Oregon

Good overview of Godly Play

Very interesting how large the Risen Christ is here. I suspect Berryman would not like how tiny the Holy Family is in comparison, but on the other hand it captures the idea that Jesus is now everywhere.

Marco Gomez's "Faces of Easter" paintings

Godly Play and Worship with Young Children

Featherglen: St Nicholas (using a Barnabus script inspired by the Godly Play style of story telling)

Today we have been enjoying the story of St. We& a day or two late, according to my Dutch friend, but I thought Nicholas shou.