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Diamond Ring - Solitaire Pear Diamond Engagement Ring - 0.75 Carat Pear Diamond - 18k Gold

Classy solitaire pear diamond engagement ring with a beautiful 0.75 carat stone in a 18k solid gold. Clean and simple design; sparkly and impressive

Wedding Set, Pear Diamond Ring With Curved Diamond Wedding Band, Rose Cut Diamond Ring, 14k White Gold Wedding Band

Diamond Ring Set, Pear Diamond Engagement ring with V Diamond Ring, Prong Diamond Ring, Diamond Wedding Ring

Pear Diamond Wedding Set with a Curved Wedding Band - 14k Gold

Pear Diamond Wedding Set with a Curved Wedding Band - 14k Gold--not this specific ring, but I really love that shape of wedding band with the pear diamond!

0.5 Carat Pear Diamond Ring, Pear Cut Engagement Ring, 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Engagement Ring, Pear Diamond Engagement Ring With Stacking Diamodn Band, Marquise Diamodn Band, V Diamond Band, Curved Wedding Ring

Feminine pear diamond ring set. So special! Perfect set for alternative bride. Band can be flat or rounded. Product detail: Pear Diamond - 0.3 carat,

One Carat Engagement Diamond Ring, Pear Diamond Ring, Pear Diamond Engagement Ring, Rose Gold Diamond Ring, Rose Gold Engagement

Gorgeous large bezel set pear diamond ring. This sparkly diamond ring comes with GIA certificate. Thir ring features: Gemstone: Diamonds Gemstone

Diamond Lace Ring With Pear Diamond Engagement ring, Diamond Wedding Set, Gold Lace Ring with Diamond Engagement Ring, Lace Wedding Band

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