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In a great exchange between a World War II veteran and legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight on Fox News Wednesday night, the veteran was comforted and reminded that their are still those of us who put a premium on winning.

POLL: Who will win the Nevada Republican caucus tonight?

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POLL: Who will win the South Carolina primary today?

BREAKING: New SC poll shows impact of last debate, with one BIG surprise… Written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor on February 2016 say this...


Voters Picked The Winner of Last Night's CNN Republican GOP Debate in Texas.

POLL: Who won the democratic debate in Wisconsin?

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POLL: Who won the republican debate tonight?

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POLL: Who will Rubio supporters vote for?

Since everyone is remembering “the artist formerly [and again] known as Prince” this week, let’s look at “Just Another Manic Tuesday” of primaries. And regarding Bernie Sanders, will this be “When …

POLL: Who won the New Hampshire Democratic Debate?

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Poll: Who won the New Hampshire republican debate?

Who won the 8th Republican ABC debate at St. Anselm College Goffstown in New Hampshire?

POLL: Are you having trouble visiting The Drudge Report website?