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Day 17: Technology. My mum's Macbook, hidden inside a faux antique book case. The irony! By Phthalo Green

Day 9: Someone You Love. I took this photo of my mum for her work profile today. By Phthalo Green

Day 3: Clouds. Not too original, I know, but I love the dusky blue colour of the sky - at the end of a heatwave, just before the thunderstorm. By Phthalo Green

Day 15: Silhouette. A traditional Victorian-style profile silhouette. By Phthalo Green

Day 2: What You Wore. Me "hiding" inside my wardrobe! Edited in Picasa, taken with self-timer. By Phthalo Green

Day 29: Black & White. The last of the day's light was coming into my room - luckily I had my camera in my hand to capture it! By Phthalo Green

Day 14: Eyes. Yes, I have been playing with the focal black and white again! I was still wearing my eye make-up from the last performance of summer workshop when I took this photo. By Phthalo Green

Day 13: Can't Live Without. I love having my window open on summer days. As much as I adore Christmas and hot chocolates, I need summer once a year! By Phthalo Green

Day 28: Flowers. A vase of flowers I picked from our garden to decorate the table for when we have guests tomorrow. By Phthalo Green