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My 'aged' vintage dish soap label . Love making labels. I've vintage -labeled about everything in the house that had a previous label :D https://www.facebook.com/lacarovintagepassion

2-15-15 Spicy Hot Pepper Dish label. The appliques were cut from fabric that was intended for making hot pads. At a retreat in TN I saw another quilter making an apron from a panel. I knew the minute I saw it that the colors were perfect for the pepper appliques I wanted to do on this wall hanging. She told me about the hot pad panel but doubted that I could find one as she had had it a couple of years. After a prolonged internet search I found one at a quilt shop in Atlanta!

celiac awareness 20/31 This doesn't necessarily mean making your home 100% gluten free (although that's probably a good idea if you live alone 😉). I just know how exhausting it can be feeling like you're walking on eggshells in your own home. I've heard of some people sharing kitchens and labeling separate tools and dish sponges for gluten and gluten free to prevent cross contamination. Since I do all the cooking, that doesn't work for me, nor am I comfortable with it. Our home isn't…

Amazon.com (US): Eco-Me Natural Sudsing Liquid Dish Soap. The image is the fragrance-free version, but their entire line is MCI/MIT free. I especially love Herbal Mint. The same company also makes a number of other cleaning products - household cleaners are a real "stealth" source of MCI/MIT because they don't have to be put on the label and are also normally not on the MSDS, so I was really psyched when I found out this company was totally MCI/MIT free.

What do you do with your candles that are all burnt up? I USED to throw them out!! Now?? I take a butterknife and go around the edges till the whole thing pops out (or scoop it) peel off the label and take off the sticky with goo be gone or just dish soap and either put a refill in or fill it.... Bobbi pins, ponies, flossers, pens, sand or something decorative or even make it into an ash tray:) whatever you do have fun to me throwing it away NOW just seems silly!

My most dreaded weekly chore, meal planning. Maybe this will solve all my problems! Plan the weekly menu in advance and get all your tgroceries in one swift shopping trip. Magnetic labels make meals simple -- just mix & match dishes on the calendar and keep inventory on an organized board. Print these labels on magnet paper. Heath will make fun of me for this but I love it!

La.Crawfish Fettuccine-Also can use La. Shrimp....When buying seafood, make sure to read your labels! There's nothing more tasty, and genuine like Louisiana Seafood!

covered dish rack

Vintage Lefton Christmas Tree Porcelain Dish Holly Red Bows 02387 Label & Signed

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