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Tears are how our heart speaks, when our lips simply cannot find the words to describe the pain we feel. -author unknown The Compassionate Friends

Just in case you were thinking about giving up today, check out these awesome and inspiring chalkboard quotes.

Instant Inspiration Straight From the Chalkboard

During a journey to lose weight and become healthy and fit, everyone has moments where they feel unmotivated or want to give up, so bookmark this page to read through on days when you need instant inspiration.

We all walk a different path thru this valley. While you may empathize you will…

It is with the greatest love & respect in my heart, that I watch as my dear Mum walks this path. I wish she never had to walk the path at all, but I understand that her path is hers alone, I can only to support her in a way that she needs.

grief, I see my son everywhere <3 ADG <3

I catch myself doing this all the time! I look in places I know you wouldn't be but I can't help myself I always hope to see you! Like walking to the parking lot and there you are parked next to my truck.waiting to tell me that you are all mine!

food doesn't make me happy

Food does not make me happy. Food only makes me happy for a moment. Self-control produces results. Results make me happy all day. Therefore, practicing self-control makes me happy, not food.

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Body Building Workouts

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