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perfect team

Comic Boys Say. " See, we are a perfect team darling.We even like the same music"

Honey... Loving the kitty doesn't mean you own her! (please follow minkshmink on pinterest)

"Pussy " Cat Conners was bedeviled by the reasons why Ted Tiklemeyer always left money on her end table after they made love while she wore he Catwoman costume .It left a bad taste in her mouth.especially if he ate a lot of garlic.


" Free to date women and hire woman whores to cater to my every whim when I want pure sex with no strings attached. Those flaccid men just can't keep up with me anyhow.

Well, I had hoped... I had dreamed...

I don't know why but these popart pins show exacly the same what is happening now in my life // annas


I write horror. I love horror, movies, comics and novels. I mainly write comics but also films, novels and video-games.

Comic Girls Say.it was my imagination playing tricks on me ! I'm a fool.a fool.to let a memory keep hurting me.