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"shit-faced" is a bit strong but with my girls and a bottle of wine a piece...been there, done that.

I aspire to someday be one of those "ladies who lunch" and by lunch I mean get shit-faced at noon with my girlfriends in some classy joint. Someday this will be us!



Please send prayers for is then 16 hours layer we are tracking her down and stalkig her at cracker barell and no sign  of logan as usual lol

Love this! I barely get on FB anymore because the same people always have either drama or pity parties. I've got family members I could call if I wanted to hear it.

Eww, Wtf, LMAO

Eww, Wtf, LMAO

Ecards friends who can't handle their alcohol

I hate those friends too,. Saw a couple of guys bring a drunk friend back to the boat in a dock cart once. Ecards I hate those friends too Saw a couple of guys bring drunk friend back to the boat in dock cart once

#funny #friends

:) thankful for my "what is TMI" friendships. "Thank you for still being my friend despite the fact that you are completely aware of every terrifying, raunchy, and explicit detail of my life.

describes me perfectly!

"I'd rather line up my stuffed animals and have a tea party than to spend another fake fucking minute with you.