Ankylosing Spondylitis is a type of inflammatory arthritis affecting the spine and sacroiliac joint, leading to pain and discomfort in the lower back. There are over 200,000 cases in the U.S each year and although it can occur at any age, symptoms most often strike during early adulthood, and AS is three times more common in men than in women. There is currently NO CURE available for Ankylosing Spondylitis. Research to find more effective treatments is critically needed. Visit!

Someone might think it's a "weak moment" for a chronic pain suffer, but reality is that those "Bad Days" are really the days we fight our strongest and hardest battle. Yes, we may be confined to our bed or home at those times, or may even shed some tears, but we fight with every bit of strength we have to get through it!

Big Pharma Plays Hide-the-Ball With Data: Half of all clinical trials are never published, and Big Pharma wants to keep it that way.

A Today video and article talking about a Stanford clinical trial to slow desensitize children with life threatening allergies to those allergens. Thanks to @Elf_yourself92

3 reasons to consider clinical trials for treatment if you have colorectal cancer

You can help to #ChangeArthritis by spreading the word about Research Opportunities to advance future treatments for others. Be part of the Change! #Arthritis commonly refers to groups of diseases affecting the joints, and 50 million adults and children in the U.S. have it. There are currently NO CURES available for arthritis. People with arthritis are still looking for ways to better manage the symptoms. #Research to find more effective treatments is critically needed.

Clinical Trial Opportunities

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