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Stop Worrying About Mosquitoes. Plant One Of These 6 Plants In The Yard, Say Bye To Them Forever. (Well, to help cut down on them at least.

Peru Balsam essential oil, has a vanilla-like scent and is used for scenting creams and lotions

Pure organic, wild harvested and unsprayed essential oils. Aromatherapy GC/MS reports available. Ethically farmed and ethically priced.

Black Pepper essential oil can have a warming effect on a cool day... https://artisanessentialoils.com/shop/all-essential-oils/black-pepper-essential-oil/

Black Pepper Essential Oil (Piper nigrum L.) is cultivated in India, where the crushed berries are steam-distilled into therapeutic quality essential oil.

Outdoor Planter Projects • Tons of ideas & Tutorials! Including this project turning recycled cans into attractive planters.

Outdoor Planter Projects

Herbs in coffee cans, hung with zip ties. Drill a hole in coffee cans & zip tie to railings! You could pretty much mount any container, like a box in this same way. bigger containers may require more zip ties.

Veronicastrum virginicum 'Album' - Google Search

Culver's root (Veronicastrum virginicum, zones 3 to Wildlife loved - this plant has spiky white flowers that butterflies, moths and bees adore.Makes a perfect rain garden addition.

Neem oil, an organic insecticide, is pressed from seeds of tropical trees of that name. It works by disrupting insects' life cycles.

Do You Mean Business When Tackling Garden Bugs? Then Neem It!

Muhly Grass, Pink  A bit sensitive, so thinking would be best to only do a few and see how they take.

Pink Muhly Grass is an ornamental perennial grass. This grass has glossy green slim blades with pink airy blooms in the Fall. Cut the grass back in late February before new growth emerges.

How to Grow Rosemary - A Guide for the Horticulturally Challenged

How to Grow Rosemary

Grass - stipa, verbena and gaura whirling butterflies

Grass - stipa, verbena and gaura whirling butterflies. Love grasses too. it gives the garden a transparant elegance

What Is a Half-Hardy Annual?

What Is a Half-Hardy Annual?

Extend the gardening season by planting frost tolerant annual flowers.

Keep this handy!   There is a wealth of information here about dividing perennials!  Also a list of best times to divide them. Definitely the best, clearest instructions I've seen yet.

10 Tips on Dividing Perennial Plants . divide to make healthier plants--and more of them. Also a list of best times to divide them. Definitely the best, clearest instructions I've seen yet.