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Tales from a Reluctant Farm Girl: How I Got Over

Tales from a Reluctant Farm Girl: How I Got Over

Large Families on Purpose: Large Family Preparations to Leave the House - This, too, Has a Plan

I definitely do not plan on having 9 children, EVER, but I thought she organized her 4 bedroom home very well. 11 people live here.

This Beautiful Struggle: If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart

Full Hands Full Heart -Art Print 5x7, 8x10, 11x14

"If you think my hands are full. You should see my heart" Full Hands Full Heart Art Print by ellolovey on Etsy


Love this saying for a Mother's Day gift! Top Ten Tips to Get Kids to Do Chores

Such a cute way to announce a pregnancy and addition to the family ~ Sarah, Short Stop Blog

So cute, doing. Because the more the merrier. Could never give up one of my babies:)

Blessings of a Large Family

Blessings of a Large Family

My husband and I have eight wonderful children, and I have to say that there are many blessigs of a large family! There may be some extra challenges with a bigger family, but they are far outweighed by the blessings.

Making Home: LARGE FAMILY THOUGHTS: Mom of Five, and Pregnant For the Ninth Time

:) Even starting this post, I feel a sense of pressure- I want to express myself clearly, but not hurt the heart of the woman facing infe.

One of the best parenting tips I have ever heard! This could be the "secret sauce" to successful, Christian parenting! www.pintsizedtreasures.com

15 Cranberry Breakfast Recipes You'll LOVE

Give me thine heart . Dr S, M, Davis, wonderful parenting wisdom straight from Scripture