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Mush!  (Tell me he isn't the lead dog, lol)

(Tell me he isn't the lead dog, lol)

This is so adorable!

Such watch, so spy, very peep. Definition of a "watch dog" maybe?

by G r e n, via Flickr

We've taken a vote.the Danes own the couch now. YOU get the uncomfortable dog bed on the floor. Now, go lay down. Always always wanted a Dane. they are so beautiful

Dog's World. Say Woof? I got this,  I got this.....Photograph Re-editing an old shot by David Hodgins on 500px

Let me catch you The Amazing Funny Pic that is unbelievable and take a perfectly timed photo with using different objects and living thing.

Harlequin Great Dane.  Like my Cheyenne, one blue eye & one brown eye.

Great Dane Dog Breed Information

The face of a Dane. Looks like my Morty, except Morty is tan and white. Love the one blue eye! However, I'm convinced that the one blue eye makes him 'crazy'! But I wouldn't change a thing!