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I am woman...hear me roar!!!/ Having said that, what does it say when about us we wear clothing that leaves NOTHING to the imagination? Are we not then a piece of meat? Or when we roll over and become a doormat on which others may wipe their feet. Are we not weak? There are things we can change about us and change we must if we want to compete in this world and be taken seriously. You want to fight for equality? Show them that you are equal!!!

Strong women...if I don't look out for me then who will....you admire my nerve as long as it suits your cause but try to throw me in the fire when you feel threatened by my strength.

Go behind the scenes of one of today's most fascinating and influential women. Keep in mind that this story is far from over; the famed feminist is still making history. Buy the book

A Strong Woman Is One Who Is Going To Overcome All Obstacles In Her Path And Always Keeping A Smile On Her Face And Making As If Nothing Happened. I am woman, hear me roar

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