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W.A.S.P.Nation Russia (Official Russian FanClub)

W.A.S.P.Nation Russia (Official Russian FanClub)

What if you could carry your coffee-maker with you everywhere you went? Your own espresso maker, in an avatar that’s about as portable as a mini-umbrella. The Handpresso is literally the size of a deodorant can and can be carried everywhere you go. It uses no electricity and all you really need is hot water and your favorite coffee (powder or pod). The Handpresso is literally the most portable espresso-maker yet. BUY NOW!

Handpresso, portable espresso-maker, uses no electricity. It works with a pump, hot water and your favorite coffee.

There will be vehicles on board the ship in transit, but these vehicles will have a more futuristic design.

Black Marussia

Black Marussia - It's not a Marussia. It is a LADA Raven concept car that says 'russia' down the side.

Singer Building (also known as "Home of Books") 1902-1904 by architect Paul Suzor, Saint Petersburg, Russia | by Retlaw Snellak Photography

Singer House (built in 1902 – architect Pavel Suzor) in St. It was the main office of the Singer Sewing Machine Company in Russia. Nowadays "The House of Books" (book shop) is situated here.

Each and every one of the igirls in general,because if you mess with their families you mess with them.

Rory Williams, John Watson, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque, the list goes on.

Mike1979 Russia • CC BY-SA 3.0  machine gun

Mike1979 Russia • CC BY-SA 3.0 machine gun

Russian Bread Recipe. ValentinasCorner.com

Russian Bread

This is a great bread recipe. It's like an Italian loaf meets French bread and together head to create a Russian loaf of bread (Батон). Simple to make.

Baked Not Fried! A Classic Russian Meat Pie Stuffed with Ground Beef. Baked Beef…

Baked Beef Piroshki (Пирожки в духовке с мясом)