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EXTRA LITRE | Back from teaching a very modified @preggibellies class this morning - it was 35c at 8:30am! Taught mainly moderate strength and stretching moves with very frequent breaks. A reminder: for every hour of exercise hydrate with an extra litre of water on top of your normal intake - exceptionally important on hot days and if you're pregnant. Heck go for two litres today! #melbournesweatfest

#theleapstories / I've heard this idea quite a few times this week - that some type of crisis precedes leaping - that getting messy is almost a prerequisite. I know that it was true for me. Do you agree? #ofkin #choosecourage

Inspired by this week's leaper Amy of @theholisticingredient I'm in the middle of writing a list of thoughts I need to give up. I'd love you to join me and possibly win one of 3 ebook bundles Amy is gifting to leap story readers. Amy leaped to create @theholisticingredient which is based on the knowledge she learned to recover from chronic fatigue syndrome she developed while working in her own successful recruitment business. Her recovery started with opening herself up to having…

#theleapstories / 'Grace' is one of the words that always come to mind when my yoga teacher prompts us for an intention (the other word is 'calm'). And I don't just mean grace as in a good yoga flow where I can do dancer's pose without wobbling. I mean more like the grace to stumble to not know the answer to let go of ideals to have patience with my kids to hold space for my loved ones to be gentle with myself when I'm overwhelmed. Recently with so much going on it's been a challenge to…

The Leap Stories book arrives at @creativemindshq TOMORROW! That means there's only a few days left for preorder your copy with added bonuses (preorders close this Sunday!) . ORDER YOURS > ofkin.com/leap PROMO CODE > VIK . Grab your copy and find out how @kikki.k @canva @tomorganic @bonnieandneil @ygap & 8 fab businesses came into being from their leaping founders. And pick up you free A5 quote print (choose from 3 designs). And use the promo code to get a reader companion and invitation to…

#ofkin / I picked up a little artwork from etsy a few years ago and it says 'what are you waiting for?'. And most often when I ask myself the answer is 'the courage to take the next step'. So this Sunday evening I'd love to give you the permission you might feel you need to find a little bit of courage to do that thing you want to do - to take the next step. New leap story unfolding in inboxes tonight - head on over to ofkin.com/subscribe to have it gracefully land in yours. #ofkin…

The Leap Stories #26: Tess Lloyd, cofounder of @pollidesign - OF KIN, stories of entrepreneurship, startups, courage, freedom, flexibility, work life balance.

#theleapstories / As much as I would love things to happen sooner and easier than they do I also appreciate that good things do in fact take time that empires aren't built over night and small consistent steps forward help build the momentum needed to push on. It's not about grind. It's not about hustle. It's about quiet and deep focus on the things that matter. Deep breaths for the week ahead beautiful kin. Onward. #ofkin @zefyr_jewels

#theleapstories / As much as I think it's a ridiculous public holiday to have I'm grateful for it! Happy #grandfinaleve holiday my fellow Victorians! I hope you get a chance to find some wilderness calm your mind open your heart and ignite some possibilities this long weekend. And even if you don't have the holiday today this weekend is beckoning you to escape the familiar. What might that be for you? #ofkinspringbreak @zefyr_jewels

The Leap Stories #22: Jessica Ruhfus - Collabosaurus, brand collaborations. OF KIN, stories of entrepreneurship, startups, courage, freedom, flexibility, work life balance.

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