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The Ultimate "House Hunters" Drinking Game. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. might need to add a few rules though. like when the couple is annoying

The Ultimate "House Hunters" Drinking Game

This is fantastic! The Ultimate "House Hunters" Drinking Game- hilarious/ true. People would die of alcohol poisoning if they did this.

I need this pattern

The Knitting Needle and the Damage Done: He Who Has Many Eyes and other knitting fables

reverseracism:   themadbomber187:  FIGHT THE... - AFRICA WILL UNITE.

RICHARD AOKI, who joined the Black Panther Party for Self Defense shortly after its founding in 1966 by his friends and fellow college students Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, displays a Black-Asian unity sign at a 1968 Black Panther rally. Asian Americans c

<b>Here are 100 of the most cromulent quotes from the first eight seasons of <em>The Simpsons</em>, ranked (fairly randomly) from worst to best.</b>

The 100 Best Classic Simpsons Quotes