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This would be nice in my front yard! ;)

I LOVE this gate.looks cool and slightly haunted at the same time. It's the entrance to a cemetery. if I could find this house I would buy it.

Aurore boréale

Aurora Borealis - Alaska - Marketa S. Murray How amazing if we could see this and meet all those we have lost Gail x

aurora borealis northern lights in the upper peninsula of michigan

aurora borealis northern lights in the upper peninsula of michigan

zorza polarna - Szukaj w Google

These otherworldly swirls of multicolored light decorate the Alaskan night sky from September until about April almost mandating you take a winter trip to the U.’s northernmost state. The best spot to view the lights is from Fairbanks or Anchorage

3:55 AM - stock photo

Trekking in the remote Yukon Territory, the northern light danced above this no named mountain This image was a focus stack of three exposures. One for the foreground, one for the mountain, and the last one was for the Aurora with - 20 Seconds.


The aurora borealis (Northern Lights) are just magic, and here they dance and sing over Mount Kirkjufell and the waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss, Iceland (by Oaky Isra on See them when you travel in Iceland in winter.

Solar activity has created a stunning display of colors in the Aurora Borealis, visible on Feb. 28, 2014.

Northern lights show their colors in the United Kingdom

16 Absolutely Breathtaking Photos Of The Northern Lights Taken In Scotland And…

Images of what appears to be Phoenix rising in the northern lights in Iceland's skies have been spreading like wildfire across the Internet, awing viewers from across the globe.Photographer Hallgrimur P Helgason captured the remarkable photos in Kaldasel, noting that the bird showed up in the night ...

A photographer taking pictures of the Aurora Borealis has captured what appears to be a huge phoenix rising from the ground and flying over Iceland. The Aurora is an incredible light show caused by collisions between electrically charged particles.

Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Snæfellsnes and South Iceland Winter Photo Workshop

Seljalandsfoss is one of the most beautiful and famous waterfalls of Iceland. It is a unique waterfall in river Seljalandsá, about 30 km west from Skógar.

Aurora Borealis in Akureyri, Akureyri Photograph by Gudlaugur Halldorsson