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Before the days of alarms or cell phones there were travel alarm clocks. My dad had a brown one.

Before the days of alarms or cell phones there were travel alarm clocks. My dad had a brown one.

Our cell phones. There's a soup ad on television now that uses them!

From Tin Cans to Touchscreens: The 40 Most Important Phones in History

Tin Can Telephone . great fun for the kids in their "forts and tree houses!

transistor radio

Transistor Radios -- I remember listening to music on my radio in bed at night. I also had a little transistor radio on my bike.

I remember that some of my friends had these in their bathrooms. Also, some of my father’s beloved patients, would occasionally make these, for our family, to express their appreciation, for curing their ailments. :)

Crocheted Poodle Toilet Paper Holder - CROCHET - Upon a recent visit to our storage with my parents, I came across this gem. Apparently, my great-grandma used to make these.

and the film that needed to be developed These are 110s.  I have 2 bags of old undeveloped ones.   Holy crap!  I wonder if they can still be developed?

Film cartridge for a Kodak 110 camera! My first camera was a Brownie. My second was a Kodak 110 camera.

Transistor radio

Transistor radio - I had one (listened with ear piece in bed at night).

Thing maker - my brother had this!   So much fun!

But not quite as much fun as playing with hot metal and molten plastic. Creepy Crawlers taught valuable life lessons like “try not to burn the shit out of yourself” and also “toxic things exist”. Because molten plastic is totally skin-friendly.

Lol...i don't use one of these today...:-)

steam iron from the Mother had this exact mode land I learned how to iron using one of these. Mother had me iron pillowcases and Dad's handkerchiefs.

Original 1976 "Slime" Toy (Mattel) smelled horrible, but, everyone had it.

Original 1976 "Slime" (Mattel) smelled horrible, but, everyone had it. Gross thinking how most of the class shared the same kid's slime (who ever was spoiled/wealthy enough to have the lastest toys). "Hey can I play with your slime after math?