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Very Unusual Giant Click Beetle Oxynopterus auduoin 21/2-3" FAST SHIP FROM USA

Huge Black Atlas Beetle Chalcosoma mollenkampi Male 3 3/8” FAST SHIP FROM USA

Giant Black Chalcosoma caucasus Male Atlas Beetle 90MM 31/2” /Insect *FAST SHIP*

Very Rare Giant Flower Beetle Mecynorhina torquata poggei Male 3" FAST FROM USA

Giant Stag Beetle Dorcus titanus typhon Male 75mm- 3” Insect **FAST SHIP FROM US

Rare Staghorn Beetle Cyclommatus truncatus 70mm 2 3/4" Male FAST SHIP FROM USA

Fighting Stag Beetle Dorcus bucephalus Male 65mm 2 3/4” FAST SHIP FROM USA

Rhinoceros Beetle Strategus longichomper Pair 45-50mm1 3/4-2" FAST SHIP FROM USA

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